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The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Child Custody Attorney

Any agreement related to the care of your child or children are considered legally binding and outline what responsibilities each party has. Usually, two main issues need to be resolved. The first is who is responsible for making legal decisions for the child. Also, where are the children going to reside? There are many answers […]

Understanding Your Options For Debt Relief

Sometimes life throws more than we bargained for at us, and we get stuck between a rock and a hard place. Finances can make or break a person. At times it seems like there is no way to make money without losing it, and the majority of the time, we end up with piles of […]

Can I Keep My House?

It’s a tragic part of any economic downturn, but one that we’ve seen in clear relief over the past decade or so. The 2008 financial crisis moved to a significant extent on foreclosures and mortgage defaults, and today’s coronavirus problem is also putting many family homes in jeopardy. One key consideration is to understand your […]